Five ways to turn online relationships into offline connections

So let’s say, hypothetically, that you’ve been really successful in your social media efforts and you are building relationships online. That’s great. But sometimes, to take a business relationship to the next level, you need to take it offline. How do you do that? Here are some simple suggestions: Professional Meetings and Conferences Nearly every […]

Why I’m becoming more promiscuous online

Are you conservative, friendly, open or promiscuous? People use social media sites to network online in different ways, and you can classify them in roughly four categories. Conservative: If you’re a conservative networker online, you’ll connect only to people you know in real life. It might even be just the people you know well and […]

Eight links on marketing, social media, blogging and more

I’ve got a whole bunch of good links for your mid-week browsing. Here we go: 1. Blogging: Add TwitterCounter to your blog to display how many people are following you on Twitter. I’ve added it over on the left, under the “Connect to Me” section. 2. Marketing: Price vs. customer service, which is more important? […]