Quick tip: How to use Google’s Sidewiki for personal branding

So Google recently launched Sidewiki, a service that basically allows anyone to add comments to any web site. If you have the Google toolbar with Sidewiki installed in your browser, you can both leave comments and also read comments that others have left at that site. All comments are public. (Although this might seem like Google has created a service that allows people to alter or vandalize web sites that don’t belong to them, technically the comments all reside on Google’s servers and you have to use Google’s tools to see them.)

It remains to be seen whether Sidewiki will take off or not. Similar services in the past from other companies have not been adopted by a lot of users. Still, Google is arguably the most important company on the Internet so it has at least the potential for this tool to be widely adopted.

What does all this have to do with personal branding? Well, you can use Google’s toolbar to leave extra information about yourself at various sites where you might have an online identity, such as your blog, your Twitter home page, your Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

I would suggest leaving something short and simple and friendly. Others may or may not leave other comments, but at least for other Google Sidewiki users you’ll be putting out a welcome mat.

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