Why Flying Car

In the last 20 years, marketing and public relations have been transformed.

  • Mass markets and mass media have broken apart.
  • Potential customers now control if, when and how you communicate with them.
  • And buyers often have as much, or more, information than sales people.

Our mission is to help businesses and other organizations be successful in this changing environment.

Escape from tactical hell

There is a lot of information about how to “market” yourself out there. Maybe too much. If you find yourself bouncing from one tactic to another, seeking the “silver bullet” that’s going to give your marketing some real altitude, stop.

We can help you gain clarity, and develop a strategy and plan that actually helps you accomplish your goals.

Marketing platforms that perform

Marketing is no longer defined by tactics (Yellow Pages ads or pay-per-click advertising) or campaigns. Successful organizations build systems — marketing platforms — that help them move through the marketplace.

Need a little more sales to hit your revenue targets? Crank up the engines. Want to cruise along at altitude while you work on other parts of the business? Set your autopilot on a course and let it run.

Flying Car builds marketing platforms that deliver results.

Helping internal teams execute

Even if you’ve got a clear strategy and a well-tuned marketing platform in place, sometimes you simply need more resources to get the job done. Whether it’s for a one-time project, like a website redesign, or ongoing content and public relations needs, we can help.

Want to learn more? Let’s have a conversation.